Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Leonardo Padura on possible changes in Cuba's migration laws

I have taken the liberty to select and translate two brief sections of Padura's commentary at IPS below.

Follow this link for the full, original article in Spanish, "El mundo es ancho y... bastante ajeno," at IPS. (H/T to Yudivian Almeida on Twitter at @yudivian for the link.)

"The World is Wide and... Very Far Removed"

"The fact that the modification of the migratory regulations is being discussed and analyzed is, without a doubt and above all, an act of legal justice demanded by Cuban society.
What is essential in any case is to normalize in the most profound way possible the individual option of traveling, migrating, or returning to the country.
As in other areas of Cuban society and the economy, it is necessary that the country put itself in consonance with the world and that individual spaces grow and become democratic.
Without a doubt, the benefits for those who are capable to generate them can also become benefits for society as a whole."

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