Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cuban Council of Ministers Easing Regulations on Self-Employment

Cuban Council of Ministers Easing Regulations on Self-Employment
Cuba's Council of Ministers met and among other things pushed open the door just a crack more in the area of self-employment, now allowing all self employed workers to hire employees beyond the 80 or so number of occupations previously authorized to do so. The following is an excerpt from a press release I found at the MinRex website.

CUBA, May 17, 2011. - Participants [at the meeting] were informed about the results of a study regarding the implementation of self-employment in the country.
Likewise, the Council of Ministers agreed to continue a process to make self-employment regulations more flexible, including the authorization to hire staff. They also approved a recommendation to extend the timetable to implement a process to reduce redundant jobs in the public sector.
In this regard, Raul Castro said that this is a process that takes time because it involves many people and it is necessary to create the conditions for its implementation. He insisted that no one would be abandoned.
(Cubaminrex-Cuban News Agency)

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