Sunday, May 8, 2011

"I hold Cuba's State Security responsible for whatever happens to me in the future" - Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia

Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia died early this morning after being beaten by the police in Santa Clara two days earlier.  Last year, he spoke to Marti Noticias about his being threatened by State Security for his support of dissident hunger striker Guillermo Farinas.  His last line (in bold below) is quite chilling given what just happened.

Here is my own English transcription/translation of the audio clip below (readers will let me know if I missed something):

"When I left the provincial hospital Arnaldo Milián Castro, a State Security official told me, 'What you did yesterday in support of Coco [Farinas] is going to have repurcussions for you.' And then he told me, 'Be aware of the consequences that can happen to you.'

Then when I arrived at my apartment building, someone who supports the state securitiy agents began to shout at me: 'Counterrevolutionary! Worm!'  In other words, they were already starting to threaten me with reprisals. And right now here where I am now in the building, two or three elements that they put here to watch and conduct surveillance against me... Also, I know that they are watching me.

Now we have arrived at the point of offering Guillermo Farinas our support as a brother in the cause. And I know that this has bothered State Security because on two or three occassionas they have tried to stop me from going to the Fernandez Castro hospital. But we did not let them stop us. We have arrived at the principle that we are going to be with Guillermo until the end, whatever the consequences. Whatever happens, happens.

I hold Cuba's State Security, the government, and the repressive police here in Santa Clara responsible for whatever happens to me in the future.

I, Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia, former political prisioner."

H/T Penultimos Dias - Original source Marti Noticias.

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