Friday, July 9, 2010

Stigma, Prison, or Exile?

Readers of El Yuma are likely to know that Yoani Sanchez's Generacion Y is translated daily into many other languages (currently 19, including English) and syndicated at the Huffington Post.

However, the humble English translator of the blog informed me recently that Sanchez ocassionally writes "exclusives" for the Huff Post that do not appear on her blog.

Here is the latest one: Stigma, Prison, or Exile? (posted today, July 9, 2010).  And the closing sentence:
"When they reflect on the roads open to them to change their own situation, there are only two: emigration or crime. If they meditate on how to change the situation of the country, they are overcome by panic on discovering the threatening finger of the omnipresent state pointing at them, insultingly, dismissively and with the revolutionary intolerance which admits neither criticism nor suggestions. From there, they are thrown into the sack of the dissidents, where all that awaits them is stigma, prison, or exile."

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