Friday, October 30, 2009

Que Viva el Chancleteo!

Hold the presses!

After I put up my last post, I got a tweet from Yoani. It seems that La Flaca lives on Twitter and publishes and updates her posts faster than Sullivan of the Daily Dish! And each week she gives us a new bomba!

Her newest post at Generacion Y has a new and much improved video from the Temas internet "debate." It has the same beginning and end, but also includes Yoss' forceful comments (he's the Cuban science fiction writer who looks like he's in Metallica), as well as some words of wisdom from a blond transvestite!

Once we are inside the room where the "debate" takes place, we see what looks like a European reporter with spikey blond hair, then we hear from Yoss, then we are back to this blond woman who turns out to be none other than Yoani herself. The audio in this version of her comments is much clearer. She makes direct reference to Rafael Hernandez's unfortunate comments at FIU last week of her being engaged in "ciber-chancleteo," saying (more or less):
"I was born and raised in the Cayo Hueso neighborhood of Centro Habana - so don't lecture me about being a ciber-chancletera (aprox. trans., "white trash"). And if what I do is chancleteo, long live chancleteo. If what we do on our blogs is chancleteo, then this society needs a good dose of chancleteo."

Tremenda Peluca! Tremenda Cubana!

I did not come of age in Cuba during the 1970s and 80s. Nor was I (un)lucky enough to spend part of my youth in a boarding school. I never contemplated (illegally) leaving my country by raft, nor was I christened at birth with a name like Yaniseidi, Yoandri, Yusimi, Yuniesky, or Yoani. In short, I do not carry within me any of the personal or generational frustration that marks many in what la bloguera cautiva calls Cuba's "Generacion Y."

However, I can offer up at least three "Y's" of my own. My middle name is AloYsius (really, it is!). My blog, as you can see is entitled El Yuma. And, after watching the most recent YouTube video post on Yoani's blog, I have to join her and her husband Reinaldo Escobar in asking of the ICAIC and the magazine Temas, WHY?

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Pop quiz:

Who am I?

My wife calls me "gordito" even though I lost 15 lbs. and two sizes cycling like a madman over the summer. My little dog is named Pepe, but I can never remember what that is short for (Francisco? José? Pedro?). I can properlly use and pronounce at least three different versions of the all-important word Coño! And I can even cook up a mean plate of picadillo santiaguero - better than mi mujer cubana.


Soy Yuma - un americano... aplatanado.