Friday, July 9, 2010

Se llama Mikhail Anatonoljevich Vasenkov!

So he's not Cuban or Uruguayan, but Russian.

And though it's hard to believe that a Russian spy named Mikhail Anatonoljevich Vasenkov (pictured above) passing for a Latino under the name Juan Jose Lazaro could have fooled his own wife of 18 years about his true identity, it seems that the journalist Vicky Pelaez (pictured below), who was also deported yesterday as part of a spy swap with Russia did not know his true identity herself! 

The couple even named their now 17-year-old son, Juan Jose Lazaro, Jr, after him!  It seems that he will remain in New York with his older half brother Waldo Mariscal.

Sons of accused spy Vicky Pelaez, Waldo Mariscal, foreground, Juan Jose Lazaro and sister of Pelaez, Raquel Pelaez Ocampo, left, leave Manhattan federal court, Thursday, July 8, 2010, in New York. (AP Photo/Louis Lanzano)

I for one can't wait for the movie version of all this intrigue.

It has almost as many twists and turns as a Steig Larrson novel.

See the two articles here and here for more info on the developing case.

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