Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Freed only to be deported?

Here's the latest on the release of the 52 Cuban political prisoners:

"The 52 political prisoners to be released in the next couple of months will travel to Spain with their relatives, although later they may go elsewhere, said Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos in a press briefing in Havana late Wednesday."

My question is: And what if they want to stay home in Cuba?

One of the long-standing strategies of the Cuban government has been to neutralize dissent by exporting it. Or as a character in the movie Bitter Sugar sardonically observes:

"The problem with this country is that everyone leaves."

Regarding this Hernandez Busto rightly observes: "So the possible benefit of these prisoners being released only leads to a new violation of their fundamental human rights," that of not being forcibly deported from one's own country.

Kudos to both Renato Perez at the Cuban Colada Blog and Ernesto Hernandez Busto at the "closed for repairs" but "occassionally open for business when there is important news to comment on" Penultimos Dias Blog, where you can find the full story.

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