Monday, March 7, 2011

Generation Y is down and Desde Cuba is up

A friend wrote me this morning from Central America asking if I was also having trouble viewing Yoani Sanchez's Generation Y blog.  I logged on and typed in and indeed got the error message above.  Checking back again now six hours later, I'm still getting the same message.

At the same time I noticed that an entirely new interface is up at GY's traditional web portal  Instead of being directed to the previous portal with links to the now defunct magazines, Consenso and Con Todos, as well as to the entire collection of texts that make up the polemica intelictual, the site now hosts links to 41 individual blogs or sites as shown in the screen shot below.

This format essentially mirrors that of Voces Cubanas (see screen shot below), where links to the same 41 blogs (plus 1) are housed.  However, checking through them, I discover that five other blogs apart from Sanchez's Generacion Y are also unavailable at present. 

These are: Reinaldo Escobar's Desde Aqui, Miriam Celaya's SinEvasion, and Dimas Castellanos' blog, as well as two older and I think now defunct blogs - Retazos by El Guajiro Azul and La Colmena, a blog about Cuban masons. 

Can anyone confirm, deny, and/or explain any of this?

Finally, I noticed one new blog on the Voces Cubanas site called Ciudadano Cero.  Check it out!

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