Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A message from the Permanent Mission of Cuba to the UN

I have lunch occasionally with a Cuban diplomat who works at the Cuban mission to the UN here in New York City. We rarely agree, but try to keep talking... Today he sent out the following press release:

315 Lexington Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10016 
(212) 689-7215, FAX (212) 689-9073

PRESS RELEASE.  New York/ March 22nd, 2011

Illegal U.S. programs to promote
destabilizing activities in Cuba exposed.

     "The U.S. Government maintains unchanged its policy of subversion and interference in Cuban internal affairs, and its priorities of promoting internal counterrevolution and destabilizing activities, while strengthening the blockade and seizure of Cuban commercial and financial transaction all over the world."

The section of the press release that deals with yesterday's (Monday's) episode on Cuba's citizen cyber-activists (referred to dispassionately as "cyber-mercenaries" in the video) is here:

     "In Cyberwar, Cuba exposed U.S. new plans of aggression using new information and communication technology, as well as the so-called cyber-dissidents or cyber-mercenaries, trying to subvert order and create confusion among the population.
     "Cyber Dissidents on the Web” was the site created to prepare the main actions to defame the Cuban Revolution, for which the U.S. Government has enough resources, money and the use of wireless technology, as well as social networks widely used to spread lies.
     "In the documentary Cyberwar, different experts exposed the modus operandi of these powerful cyberspace centers in the development of the so-called “Media Campaigns”, in which they distort reality and attack socialism and the main leaders of the Cuban Revolution. All the actions of the independent bloggers have a unique pattern, the U.S. Interests Section in Havana."

To read the full press release and get the links to all the "Las Razones de Cuba" videos that have been airing on Cuban state TV over the past month, you can go here for the full PDF of the Press Release.  Below are links to the first four parts of the documentary series (the first three of which are available in conveniently translated English versions).

The first four episodes of the ongoing mini-series, "Las Razones de Cuba"
- Documentary: “The Empire´s Pawns” (Part I) / (Part II
- Documentary: “Trues and Principles” (Part I) / (Part II
- Documentary: “Well Paid Lies” (Part I) / (Part II
- Documentary: “Cyberwar” (Part I) / (Part II)

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