Thursday, September 23, 2010

Persepolis goes to Cuba, or "My Revolution" comes to Brooklyn

The Making of the Graphic Novel & Related Drawings by
Inverna Lockpez & Dean Haspiel
October 2 - December 12
Mariella Bisson, Curator
Artists’ Talk with Moderator Calvin Reid Saturday, October 2nd, 4pm
Reception: Saturday, October 2nd, 5 - 7pm
Open free to the public: Thursday - Sunday, 12 - 5pm



353 Van Brunt Street, (RED HOOK) Brooklyn, New York 11231
Telephone: 718.875.2098 / 
OPEN TO THE PUBLIC : Thursday - Sunday, 12 - 5pm

Cuba, Comix, and the Revolution That Failed: 
The Life of Inverna Lockpez

"In a volume that could easily be compared to the essays in the classic anti-Communist anthology The God That Failed, cartoonist Dean Haspiel has collaborated with Inverna Lockpez to create Cuba: My Revolution, a new graphic work that transforms her true life story into a fictionalized account of her extraordinary journey from idealism and political illusion to political freedom, political reality and a hard-won self-realization. While the book is presented as fiction and names have been changed throughout, the story on which it is based is true and vividly realized, and will very likely take its place among other harrowing personal accounts of brutal disillusionment with the Cuban revolution." - By Calvin Reid, from the exhibit program.

El Yuma will see you at the reception.  Curious?  Download the exhibition brochure here (inside/outside), and go here, here, and here to learn more about the authors/artists and peruse some of the graphix from this amazing book!

Cuba: My Revolution, various pages, courtesy of DC Comics. 
Copyright © 2010 Inverna Lockpez and Dean Haspiel. 
All Rights Reserved.

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