Friday, September 3, 2010

The first audio tweet from Cuba on "" from you know who

I just listened to the first audio tweet from Cuba sent by Yoani Sanchez. It's only 20 seconds long but it's music to the ears. Listen to it and you'll hear what I mean. It's on a new service appropriately called ""

By the way, Sanchez turns 35 years young today and she also recorded this brief "Chirp" of thanx just three hours ago addressed to all members of her red ciudadana (citizen network) around the world who read, write, praise, and even criticize her.

Her minute-long message ends with these words:

"Gracias. Aqui estoy y voy a seguir."

(Thank you.  Here I am and I will keep going.)

Sanchez also "Tweeted" a "Chirp" from a member of the alternative art collective Omni Zona Franca. He reports that his group will indeed participate in an unauthorized hip hop "happening" in Alamar today despite encountering numerous bureaucratic obstacles and censorship.

Here is my transcription and translation of Yoani's first "Chirp."

"La tecnologia me ha hecho libre en un pais con rejas, con muros, con censura.
De manera que quiero lo mismo para mis compatriotas.
Que tengan acceso a la informacion a las noticias a lo que ocurre alli afuera y aqui adentro.
Todo aquel que pueda ayudar a un cubano a empoderarse informativamente tiene mi agradecimiento ante mano, eh!
Muchas gracias."

* * *

"Technology has made me free in a country with bars, walls, and censorship.
I want the same for my compatriots.
That they have access to information about what happens there outside and here inside.
Anyone who can help a Cuban empower him or herself with information has my thanks up front, eh!
Thank you."

PS: I even recorded and sent my own first Chirp through Twitter.  I'll be the first to admit that it's not very eloquent, and - like you - I hate to hear a recording of my own voice, but here it is for your consumption or rejection.

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