Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Translating Cuba: What, Why, How?

The folks who translate the DesdeCuba.com / VocesCubanas.com Cuban blogs into English (see HemosOido.com) have just launched a new blog portal entitled Translating Cuba where you can one-stop-shop for access to the English version of more than 20 independent Cuban blogs, as well as the English version (full translation in progress) of the polémica intelectual, the war of e-mails between Cuban writers and intellectuals from January-February, 2007 that was the spark that led to the creation of Generación Y in April 2007.

The site also features a page entitled What, Why, How?

So far all that's up is the "What."  Here it is:

Translating Cuba is a compilation of English translations from Cuban blogs. The bloggers included here share a number of characteristics.

  • Write from the island of Cuba.
  • Are independent, that is they are not paid by the Cuban government.
  • Write under their own names.
  • Their blogs contain material of wide general interest.
  • Their blogs are updated on a regular basis.
What they don’t share is a single point of view. Our hope is that the voices on this site will mirror the free, open, and plural society we all know that Cuba is ultimately destined to be.

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