Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Root: Photo Essay from Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

Here are three of my favorite photos from the triptych "Race in Cuba: Images of Cuban Life," 23 scenes from the lives led by black people on the island, shot by native son Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo.

Cruising Through Cuba
Skateboarding is a regular practice all around the Capitol building, now just a tourist area between between Central Havana and Old Havana.

Explosión Suprema
Rappers from the band "Explosión Suprema," performing at the censored Poetry Festival from OMNI-Zona Franca project (December 2010), in a private home in Alamar.

Luyano Avenue
Young boys traveling outside a full-speed crowded P1 public bus in Luyanó Avenue, an impoverished Havana area near La Virgen del Camino park.

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