Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Babes & Blogs From Manhattan to Havana

Babes & Blogs From Manhattan to Havana
New Light Foundation and Krane, Inc. Present

"Island Blogosphere" & "The Jewish Nun"


Vanessa Garcia of The Krane, Inc.  and Wendy White of the New Light Foundation, Inc. are proud to present a performance of their new play Two Islands consisting of two one-acts entitled Island Blogosphere and The Jewish Nun.

The play will take place on Wednesday, July 14 and Thursday, July 15 at GAB Studio 105 Northwest 23rd Street Miami, Florida 33127. Cocktails begin at 7:00 pm Curtain rises at 8:00 pm. The tickets are $15.00.

From the time of the Odyssey, writers have been exploring the idea of the “island” in relation to humanity. Here, we have two contemporary playwrights using an age-old technique in a new world. The two pieces (Island Blogosphere by Vanessa Garcia and The Jewish Nun by Wendy White) are connected by a walking bridge that the directors will take the audience across, so to speak.

These plays show the worlds of one Cuban-American and one Jewish-American woman. These two shows are the stories of culture clashes; the world of outsiders; and the women who strive to find themselves as they delve into the pulsing life of the two particular islands that made them: Cuba & Manhattan.

In Island Blogosphere, two sisters virtually befriend Cuban bloggers, when they are not permitted to enter the island physically due to politics and family conflicts.

In The Jewish Nun, a nineteen year old girl moves from celibacy to free-love, juxtaposing the racy lifestyle of NYC and Manhattan against a self-imposed purity.

More information about the writers and directors can be found on their websites: Vanessa Garcia and Wendy White.


Two Islands has an exciting road ahead as it will show in New York at "59e59" and, later this summer, have its international debut at the upcoming Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland in August.

The proceeds raised from the Miami Performance will go towards getting the troupe to Scotland; covering the actors’ travel expenses and their stay in Scotland as they represent the United States, and South Florida specifically.

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