Friday, June 11, 2010

Coming soon to a theater near you (or not): Oliver Stone's "South of the Border"

The following is an announcement I received today about Oliver Stone's new documentary, "South of the Border," which the blurb below refers to as "the social transformation underway in South America," (i.e., the new Latin American left).

Interestingly, and perhaps predictably for anything made by Stone, when I sent out the blurb to some of my friends I got the following two responses:

"I wouldn't miss this. Stone talked to Chávez, Evo, Correa -- no one here has done this."

"I saw the film at Havana Film Festival in December. It's awful! I wouldn't send students to see this. Waste of time and money."

Dear Theodore:

We realize that school is about to let out but we are hoping to get this film on your radar before you leave...
Oliver Stone's powerful new film, South of the Border, the first documentary by a major American director to explore the social transformation underway in South America, will be released in US theaters nationwide starting in NYC on June 25 (more

The film is the product of Oliver Stone's 2009 road trip across five countries to explore the social and political movements taking place in those countries and the mis-perceptions most people have about Hugo Chavez and other leaders in South America, mostly due to a skewed portrayal by the mainstream US media.
In the film, Stone sets out on a road trip across five countries to explore the social and political movements as well as the mainstream media's misperception of South America while interviewing seven of its elected presidents.

In casual conversations with Presidents Hugo Chávez (Venezuela), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Lula da Silva (Brazil), Cristina Kirchner (Argentina), as well as her husband and ex-President Nestor Kirchner, Fernando Lugo (Paraguay), Rafael Correa (Ecuador), and Raúl Castro (Cuba), Stone gains unprecedented access and sheds new light upon the exciting transformations in the region.

Stone was recently on
Larry King Live with Gov. Jesse Ventura and Representative Connie Mack (R-FL) in a fiery discussion that clearly demonstrated the biases towards our Latin American neighbors. 

Here's what people are saying :

"I think this film should be mandatory viewing for every high school student in America"
- Jesse Ventura, former Governor of Minnesota

"VALUABLE and INTERESTING CORRECTIVE to the mainstream media's often-atrocious coverage of Latin America, and a fascinating account of the rise of a new generation of political leaders."
- Andrew O'Hehir,

"LOVED THE MOVIE! Great perspective that people here in the US should see and hopefully it (will) make them understand what is going on in South America and with US foreign policy."
- Jason Smith, IMPACTO Latin News

South of the Border
Opens in New York June 25, 2010 at ANGELIKA FILM CENTER
18 West Houston St.
(@ Mercer St.)

Check for show times:
**Q&A with Oliver Stone on Friday June 25 following the main evening show!**
Group sales tickets also available at Angelika Film Center, here is how:
*  Tickets can only be purchase at the box office
* Tickets available Tuesday prior to the show's opening
* Cash and major credit cards are accepted, no checks
* Group ticket price are $7 for 25 tickets or more

Here's the trailer:

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