Monday, June 15, 2015

(Update) Full Video and Event Summary: Time to invest in Cuba? Brookings Institution June 2, 2015

Follow this link for @AnnaBNewby's quick summary of the June 2 Cuba event at The Brookings Institution. Full video coverage of the four panels follows below.

Panel 1: Trends in the Cuban economy in light of the new U.S.-Cuba context 
Moderator: Ted Piccone
Speakers: Stefan Selig, Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade, U.S. Department of Commerce; Juan Triana Cordoví, Professor of Economics, University of Havana; and Archibald Ritter, Distinguished Research Professor, Carleton University

Panel 2: Financing Cuba’s growth, development, and trade 
Moderator: Barbara Kotschwar 
Speakers: Yaima Doimeadios, Professor, University of Havana; Richard Feinberg, Brookings; Saira Pons, Professor, Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy, University of Havana; and Germán Ríos, Director, Strategic Affairs, CAF Development Bank

Panel 3: Next steps for Cuba’s emerging private Sector – Cuentapropistas and cooperatives 
Moderator: Richard Feinberg
Speakers: Rafael Betancourt, Havánada Consulting; Ted Henken, Professor, Baruch College; and John McIntire, Chairman, Cuba Emprende Foundation

Panel 4: A New stage in foreign direct investment 
Moderator: Harold Trinkunas 
Speakers: Mark Entwistle, Founding Partner, Acasta Capital; Omar Everleny, Professor, Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy, University of Havana; José María Vinals Camallonga, Partner and Director of International Operations, Lupicinio International Law Firm; and Augusto Maxwell, Partner, Akerman, LLP

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