Saturday, June 13, 2015

Snap-shot update of "self-employment" in #Cuba from @14ymedio

Check out @14ymedio today for a brief article and this helpful info-graphic of cuentapropismo (aka, "on-your-ownism") in #Cuba:

*504k total
*30% young
*154k women
*17% also work for state
*62k retired

The article also reports the top five occupations in terms of numbers of licenses issued remain:

(1) food service (gastronomía)
(2) transport of passengers and cargo
(3) bed-and-breakfasts (casas particulares)
(4) telecommunications agents, and
(5) contracted workers

My question: Has the percentage of cuentapropistas with a college degree risen from the very low 7% previously reported? An important issue given Cuba's highly educated (but woefully underemployed) workforce.

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