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A new blogger polemic erupts in Cuba (UPDATE)

Back late February, I posted an entry where I described the "Bloggers Polemic" that took place in the Cuban blogosphere last summer after I did an interview with Encuentro where I attempted to map out the various positions and collective movements within the very polarized political context.

Later, after reading the reactions from Cuban bloggers from all across the political spectrum to my initial map, I wrote up a more formal essay (Spanish and English) where I tried to show - among other things - that, despite extreme pressure to turn the Cuban blogosphere into a campo de batalla, it is much more than a group of government apologists (or oficialistas) on one side and another group of U.S. lackeys (or mercenarios) on the other.

Over the past week, a new version of this on-going polemic has erupted in Cuba, this time pitting the organizers of "Blogazo por Cuba," a Bloggers Summit that took place in late April in Matanzas (intended for bloggers "en revolución") against a number of the bloggers who I have interviewed and who were deeply involved in the previous round of blogger discussion and debate, including Yasmín Portales Machado, Rogelio Díaz, and Elaine Díaz (all associated with the group Bloggers Cuba).

I will withhold my own "two cents" for now as I have not had a chance to read through many of the posts.  However, below I share a partial list of the posts in the polemic so far (with my quick translations).  The list was sent to me by a Cuban friend late last week.

(By now, many more posts are sure to have appeared - so stand by and I'll add new ones later.  NB: I have just updated this post to reflect the latest new entries in this debate as of 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, May 8, 2012.)

To start, I'm including this assessment from the Spanish BBC correspondent Fernando Ravsberg, who - it seems - was at the summit.  As is his habit, he gives a fair summary and a provocative interpretation of how things went down.

His title for the event is:

"Blogueros sí... pero organizados" or "Bloggers yes... but organized."

I also recommend this other write-up at the Cuban outlet of IPS.  Also, a new entry in this debate was just added today to the Voces Cubanas site.  It is by "La rosa descalza," aka, Rosa María Rodríguez Torrado.  It is available in Spanish as:

"Desconocer para descalificar."

And thanx to the intrepid translators at Translating Cuba, it is also available in English as:

"They Ignore Us So They Can Discredit Us."


Una lista parcial de la polémica 
(A partial list of the polemic)

00 Declaración del Encuentro de Blogueros Cubanos en Revolución
(Declaration of the Summit of Cuban Bloggers in Revolution)

00 El espacio público es patrimonio de toda la nación. Posición de la Red Protagónica Observatorio Crítico de Cuba
(Public Space is the Patrimony of the Entire Nation - Position of the Critical Observatory Protagonists Network of Cuba)

Opiniones críticas de bloggers que no asistieron
(Critical opinions of bloggers who did not attend)
1. Yasmín S. Portales Machado
Estoy suspensa
(I've been suspended)

2. Rogelio M. Díaz Moreno
Falencias de un encuentro
(Fallacies of a Summit)

3. Elaine Díaz
Por quien doblan las campanas
(For Whom the Bells Toll)

4. Luis Rondon Paz
En blogazoxcuba no hay termino medio
(In "Blogazo for Cuba" There's No Middle Ground)

5. Red Protagónica Observatorio Crítico
(Revolution-o-meter, or it's Comrade Google's Turn to Speak)  

6. Yudivian Almeida Cruz
(Thoughts about a Summit)

Lo que dicen los anfitriones
(What the hosts say)
7. Harold Cárdenas:
Epilogo a un blogazo y sus detractores
(Epilogue to a "blogazo" and its detractors)

8. Roberto G. Peralo
Mis memorias sobre el encuentro de blogueros
(My memories of the blogger summit)

9. Osmany Sánchez
Ladran blogueros senal de que cabalgamos
(If the bloggers bark, it is a sign that we are on the right track)

Opiniones de bloggers que fueron al evento
(Opinions of bloggers who were at the event) 
10. La Polilla cubana (Rosa Baez)
Blogazoxcuba: a favor en contra
("Blogazo for Cuba": For and against)

11. El Rafa
Espejismos y verdades de un encuentro
(Mirages and truths of a Summit)

12. Bárbara Vasallo
Era de mayo pero sigo con los blogueros
(It was May but I'm still with the bloggers)

13. Yurisander
Mis impresiones del blogazoxcuba
(My impressions of "Blogazo for Cuba")

14. Arnoldo Fernández Verdecia
Cimarronaje y belicismo en el blogazoporcuba
(Rebellion and belligerence at "Blogazo for Cuba")

15. Jorge Jerez Belisario
Un ultimo parrafo del blogazo x cuba
(A final paragraph about "Blogazo for Cuba")

16. Rosa C. Báez
Un blogazoxcuba 
(A "Blog for Cuba")

17. Yirmara Torres Hernández
Para la joven cuba felicitaciones y mi opinión sobre el encuentro 
(My congratulations for La Joven Cuba and my opinion on the Summit)

Prensa (Press)
23. Juventud Rebelde
24. Cubadebate
25. Juventud Rebelde
26. Cubadebate
27. IPS en Cuba
28. Global Voices

Ataques personales (Personal attacks)
29. Yohandry ataca a Bloggers Cuba
(Yohandry attacks Bloggers Cuba)

30. Rogelio Díaz refuta: Seguidilla de una post lemica
(Rogelio Díaz responds: Following a post limic)

31. Eduardo Díaz de Vivar ataca a Elaine Díaz: Carta abierta a Elaine Díaz 
(Eduardo Díaz de Vivar attacks Elaine Díaz: Open letter to Elaine Díaz)

Elaine Díaz decidió no meterse a polemizar este autor y lo tramitó discretamente, por correo electrónico, lástima.
(Elaine Díaz decided not to get involved in a public polemic with him and instead responded discretely by e-mail.  What a shame!)

32. Jorge Ángel Hernández ataca a Yasmín S. Portales Machado 
(Jorge Ángel Hernández attacks Yasmín S. Portales Machado)

33. Yasmín S. Portales Machado refuta
(Yasmín S. Portales Machado responds)

34. Jorge Ángel Hernández replica por segunda vez, pero no responde 
(Jorge Ángel Hernández replies a second time, but doesn't answer the question)

35. Rogelio M. Díaz Moreno refuta a Jorge Ángel Hernández
(Rogelio M. Díaz Moreno responds to Jorge Ángel Hernández)

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