Thursday, May 10, 2012

RESCHEDULED!: Pedro Luis Ferrer @ SOBs

In the past two years, SOBs has played host to a string of leading Cuban musical acts.  I have managed to catch La Charanga Habanera, Carlos Varela, and Pupi y los que Son Son.

Two weeks ago, Sintesis did a show that I gave away two pairs of tickets to here.  I was not able to make it myself but a friend shared with me his video of one number that I have embedded below.

Tomorrow night, Thursday, May 10, the Cuban Trova singer Pedro Luis Ferrer will perform what is sure to be a memorable show, and I will be there for sure.  For more on one of Ferrer's recent shows in Havana, see this review by Havana Times correspondent Isbel Díaz Torres.

You can follow this link to SOBs to get tickets yourself, or...

You guessed it, I have two pairs of tickets to give away to the first person(s) out there in cyberspace who can answer the following question:

On tour in Peru in 1985, Ferrer referred to whom as "Cuba's greatest singer" in an interview, only to be interrogated upon his return to Cuba and denied an exit visa or an official performance space for almost 10 years?

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