Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Give Gitmo back to Cuba

It's a sad history, and all true.

I agree with Hansen, let's give Guantánamo back to Cuba.

Just imagine, as Hansen says, how all this might have looked "from Cuba's perspective":

"Well, imagine that at the end of the American Revolution the French had decided to remain here.

"Imagine that the French had refused to allow Washington and his army to attend the armistice at Yorktown.

"Imagine that they had denied the Continental Congress a seat at the Treaty of Paris, prohibited expropriation of Tory property, occupied New York Harbor, dispatched troops to quash Shays' and other rebellions and then immigrated to the colonies in droves, snatching up the most valuable land.

"Such is the context in which the United States came to occupy Guantánamo. It is a history excluded from American textbooks..."

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  1. I agree emphatically. Probably the only thing that disturbs me as an 'American', is that we are a nation with a legacy of hypocrisy. It is that hypocrisy more than another other reason that makes 'us' hated worldwide.