Friday, July 9, 2010

Voces tras las rejas: Pablo Pacheco

Readers of El Yuma might like to know that one of the five political prisoners being released is Pablo Pacheco, the author of the blog, "Vocies Behind The Bars" (here in Spanish) hosted at the Voces Cubanas portal.

In a Tweet today, Yoani Sanchez notes that he will finally be able to see his own blog for the first time. 

I'm wondering if she means because he is now out of prison or because he is presumably leaving (or being sent) out of the country.  Of course, even if he were to remain in Cuba he still wouldn't be able to view his blog as it is "blockaded" by the government as are all the blogs hosted at Voces Cubanas.

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  1. sois todos unos facistas, cuba lucho porf su libertad y por dejarse someter por los americanos que os pagan y os financian
    fuera de cuba libre siempre