Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cuba IT & Social Media Summit - January 15, 2010

Tomorrow I will participate in the event, "Cuba IT and Social Media Summit," hosted here in Manhattan at the Americas' Society and sponosred by the Cuba Study Group.

While we are operating under "Chatham House Rules" (i.e., confidentiality of participants) in order to provide anonymity to some of the speakers and to foster a frank and open discussion, I will share with readers my impressions of the event as it takes place, as well as posting portions of my own presentation which grows out of some of what I have already been covering here at El Yuma:

"Let A Thousand Bloggers Bloom:
Obstacles and Opportunities to the Further Growth of
Cuba’s Burgeoning Blogosphere
and its Possible Impact on Cuban Civil Society"

That's quite a mouthful!

What follows are links to the various items on the reading list that the organizers provided to all participants in preparation for the event.

"The Dictator’s Dilemma? The Internet and U.S. Policy toward Cuba" by Taylor C Boas.

"The Myth of Technological Determinism" by Nelson Valdés.

"Yoani Sanchez Interview" by Ted Henken.

"A Black Market Finds a Home in the Web’s Back Alleys" by Mark Lacey. New York Times, 3 Jan. 2010.

"Clive Thompson on Cuba's Potential Tech Boom" by Clive Thompson., 22 June 2009.

"Cuba Vive Otra Revolución en la Red" by Maite Rico. El Pais, 3 Jan. 2010.

"Divided Cuban Community Meets on 'Facebook Planet'" by Jeff Franks. Reuters, 15 Oct. 2009.

"Mapping the Arabic Blogosphere: Politics, Culture, and Dissent" by Bruce Etling, John Kelly, Robert Faris, and John Palfrey.

"Our Hapless Man in Havana" by Christopher Sabatini. Foreign Policy, 7 Jan. 2010.

"Protesta Alumnos del ISA el 22 de octubre del 2009, La Habana, Cuba" at YouTube.

"Technology Helping Lift Veil on Real Cuba" by Miriam Marquez. Miami Herald, 3 Apr. 2009.

"U.S. Wants Microsoft to End Message Ban in Iran, Cuba" by Mark Drajem. Bloomberg, 29 Oct. 2009.

"The Social Factor: Innovate, Ignite, and Win Through Mass Collaboration and Social Networking" by Maria Azua. IBM Press, 2009.

Participants were also provided the following document which I will post over the weekend.

"New U.S. Regulatory Framework for Telecom & Satellite Industry in Cuba" - Council of the Americas' Cuba Working Group - March 2009.  The document highlights recent U.S. regulatory changes for the Telecom and satellite industry in Cuba.


  1. Thank you Ted for letting the rest of us outside this important event know more about what’s taking place there.

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