Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Update on self-employment & non-agricultural cooperatives in Cuba

(...along with a cautionary tale about La Fontanella pastry shop)

@yoanisanchez: En #Cuba se han autorizado 498 #cooperativas de las cuales 329 ya están funcionando y "están en estudio" 300 más

Trans: In Cuba 498 (new non-agricultural) cooperatives have been approved, 329 of which are open. 300 more are "under review".

@yoanisanchez: A principios de #2015 las cifras oficiales aseguran que 483.000 cubanos ejercen el trabajo por cuenta propia en #Cuba

Trans: At the start of 2015 official figures assure us that 483,000 Cubans are licensed to work "on their own account" in Cuba. (Up 12,000 from August 2014).

Also of import are the following 3 stories about the entrepreneurial triumph and bureaucratic tragedy of Nuevo Vedado's La Fontanella pastry shop:

Here's a recent story in Spanish from @diariodecuba: "Auge y caída de La Fontanella""

Here's an excellent reflection on the story (in English): "The Crime of Prosperity in #Cuba" from Havana Times - Entrepreneurial triumph & bureaucratic tragedy of Fontanella pastry shop

Finally, my friend and colleague Regina Coyula reported on this "clipping of wings" back in March 2014 on her blog La Mala Letra (Bad Handwriting):

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