Thursday, February 3, 2011

Viva el Cubaleaks!

La ciber policia en Cuba from Coral Negro on Vimeo.

If it can happen to Uncle Sam, it can happen to Big Brother.

I guess we should all now watch out what we say and what we record in digital format because once it gets into the "wrong" hands, it will end up on the "red de redes" and go viral for everyone to see and hear!

I just got done watching a fascinating and quite "educational" leaked lecture from June 2010 given by a sharp member of Cuba's secret security to members of the military and other state security officers.

The 53-minute video (all in a very clear, Cuban Spanish aided by an extensive powerpoint presentation that features the likes of Yoani Sanchez and Ernesto Hernandez Bustos [BAD] and Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Yohandry Fontana [GOOD]) is of a lecture entitled, "Enemy Campaigns and the Policy of Confronting Counter-revolutionary Elements" (grupusculos).

If you understand Spanish and are at all interested in NICTs (New Information and Communication Technologies) and how they function in closed, authoritarian societies, you've got to watch this video. It provides a rare glimpse into how the Cuban regime understands the potential for the internet and social networks to be used as a Trojan Horse in the hands of "counter-revolutionaries" working at the behest of "the empire."

The original was put up at Vimeo by Coral Negro, and it is also up at Penultimos Dias.

I watched it at Generation Y, where La Flaca made the following sharp observation:

"Although he might be a brilliant computer scientist, this young man failed the social sciences.

"On this fictitious base they design strategies that will barely hurt the Cuban blogosphere. Meanwhile, believing that the impulse does not come from us, but from others who manage us like puppets, they will develop tactics that will make a lot of noise but generate few results.

"To recognize that the New Man — their New Man — is tired of being a soldier, repeating slogans, applauding at political rallies, and now wants to have his own space for expression, would be like confessing that they have failed."


  1. Oye acere, de verdad que estas jente tienen un trastorno sicolojico serio. Estan peliando la misma guerra fria pero con nuevos "enemigos." De vera que le doy gracias a mi madre por aver huido de aquella isla hace 30 anos para darme la oportunidad de vivir en un pais donde se respeta la libre expresion. Gracias por este blog. Muy interesante.

  2. thanks bro, its a good one and i want to link it