Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm an e-communist (or is that economist?)

What the CPC [Communist Party of Cuba] is telling its members right now, among whom there are some micro-mini-private entrepreneurs, is that when it comes to the “cuentapropistas” (self-employed workers), both the party and the government must “first of all facilitate their activities and not create stigmas or prejudices against them, much less demonization.”

From the article "A warning to communists," by Aurelio Pedroso, Wednesday, 16 February, 2011, Progreso Weekly.

By the way, can anybody out there in cyberspace (ahem, Ernesto?) find and put up a PDF of the document circulated by the CPC to which Pedroso refers?

Also see this interview of Cuban (Communist?) Economist Pavel Vidal Alejandro at the ever-readable Espacio Laical, "Desarticular el monopolio de la centralización estatal" [To Dismantle the Monopoly of State Centralization] done by Lenier González Mederos [H/T Penultimos Dias].

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