Saturday, June 17, 2017

Join me on a completely legal group P2P trip to the new #Cuba!

Dear friends,

If you want to know my take on the new Trump Cuba regulations you can check out my Facebook or Twitter timeline (@elyuma).

However, after reviewing those new regulations I realize that he and Marco Rubio just threw some new business my way!

I was already scheduled to be the on-board educator for a 10-day people-to-people educational and cultural cruise to Cuba in late December. The Trump policy ratifies the basic legality of those trips, so contact me if you want to join.


Additionally, I'm scheduled to lead a group people-to-people tour to Cuba in early January. We currently have 6 travelers but given the fact that by then individual people-to-people travel will be outlawed, I realize we may get a surge of interest in joining our fully legal group visit.

So contact me if you're interested in joining me and our other happy travelers. 


Rest assured that every effort will be made to spend our hard earned currency in private sector establishments (including private BnBs and paladar restaurants) which has been my policy for > 20 years now. 

¡Que vivan los cuentapropistas!

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