Friday, June 16, 2017

CubaOne Statement on President Trump’s Cuba Policy

CubaOne Foundation: President Trump's Cuba Policy is Largely Consistent with Our Recommendations


MIAMI—Earlier this week, the CubaOne Foundation, the Miami-based nonprofit that sponsors heritage visits to Cuba for young Cuban Americans, sent President Trump and his National Security Council a letter urging him to pursue a pro-family Cuba policy. Our letter made six key recommendations:

  1. Promote America's Commitment to Human Rights

  2. Affirm the Rights of Cuban-Americans to Visit and Help Family in Cuba

  3. Encourage U.S. Travelers to Support Cuba's Private Sector

  4. Engage the Cuban Government to Lower its Passport and Visa Fees

  5. Maintain the U.S. Embassy in Havana

  6. Support Cuba's Entrepreneurs, Youth, and Access to Technology

We look forward to seeing the final details of the President's policy, but our initial assessment is that it is largely consistent with our recommendations to the White House.

We thank the President for recognizing the rights of Cuban Americans to freely visit and send remittances to their families. This is a strong victory for the Cuban American community, the Cuban people, and our organization.

We were also encouraged to learn that Americans can continue traveling to Cuba individually so long as they stay in Cuban family homes and directly support the private sector. While it remains to be seen how the regulations are written, this general approach would be welcomed news for the island's young entrepreneurs and small businesses if it does not prevent Americans from visiting the island. As we said in our letter to the President, kitchen table diplomacy works and there are no better ambassadors for our values than the American people.

We also applaud the President's decision to maintain our diplomatic mission in Havana. The U.S. will continue to be better positioned to advocate its values and engage Cuba on important issues, such as human rights and lowering passport fees that penalize low-income families.  We're also encouraged by the White House's indication that U.S. technology and telecommunication companies may continue supporting the Cuban people's access to information and the internet.

CubaOne remains committed to working closely with the Administration and members from both parties on U.S.-Cuba policy. For us, Cuba is an issue where there is no such thing as political parties—it's about our families, our community, and the Cuban people.


Giancarlo Sopo | Chairman
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