Saturday, February 4, 2012

50 years ago today in the NYT/IHT

NYT/IHT headlines - Feb. 2 & 3, 1962

1962 U.S. Bars All Cuban Imports

President Kennedy has ordered a total cut-off of imports from Cuba to deprive Prime Minister Fidel Castro of nearly $35 million a year in dollar exchange, it was learned today [Feb. 2]. Barring a last-minute change of plans, Mr. Kennedy's decision will be announced sometime this weekend. The imports have been composed mainly of tobacco. Despite the new ban the President has decided, it is understood, to permit Cuba to continue the purchase in this country of foods and medicines. These imports from the United States run to about $13 million annually. Mr. Kennedy's decision to embargo imports was described here as being in the spirit of the Punta del Este declaration on isolating Cuba. His immediate practical purpose is to deprive Cuba of dollar exchange that, according to reliable intelligence reports, is being used to finance subversive activities throughout Latin America.

1962 U.S. May Ban Trade With Cuba

Secretary of State Dean Rusk said today [Feb. 1] that the United States will now consider imposing an all-out embargo on Fidel Castro's Cuba because of evidence that dollar exchange, gained through trade, is financing subversion throughout Latin America. At a press conference held only a few hours after his return from the hemisphere conference at Punta del Este, the Secretary of State indicated a quickening in steps to contain Cuba. Earlier, Mr. Rusk had received a very special personal welcome from President Kennedy.

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  1. 50 years of the same failed policy. When will we ever learn.