Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can I get an AMEN!? Felipe's Silence

End the Embargo, End Castro Regime's Excuse for All Its Failures

My favorite section of this masterful four paragraph double denunciation:

"The simple fact of choosing the word "embargo" or preferring the more fearsome "blockade" marks a quasi-ideological position. That issue has been so manipulated in the national press that the government doesn't recognize that among those who oppose the system are many who also oppose the United States trade restrictions on the island. The newspaper Granma assumes that those of us who demand a political opening applaud, ipso facto, the existence of the embargo. Hence, so many surprised faces when they hear our own arguments for lifting it as soon as possible; reasons that Felipe Perez Roque never said at the U.N. and that he only learned when he came to be the ousted foreign minister."

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