Friday, October 28, 2011

Rubio today in the WSJ

Go here for the full interview.

On The Washington Post article alleging that he embellished his family history:

"I concede dates were wrong. We didn't know that. As soon as we figured out the dates were wrong, we stopped saying that. We were relying on the family's oral history which, 50 years later, was wrong."
"I disagree that it was politically advantageous to me in terms of saying it. Nobody voted for me that thought my parents came in '59 that wouldn't have voted for me knowing it had been 1956. My family story is the same one. The speeches I gave on campaign trail, I could still give them.
My parents came from Cuba, they came to the United States in search of a better life, they tried and planned to live in Cuba again, and couldn't because of communism. They returned to an exile community where I was raised."
"The essence of my story was that as a child of exiles, I understood that America was different and that you can lose your country. None of that has changed. The story is the same one."

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