Friday, June 3, 2011

El Yuma habla (y bloguea) en español! (update)

After a year-and-a-half of blogging about Cuba in English (mostly), readers may have noticed that I have recently added a few new features to my blog including a version of it in Spanish!

Sí - ¡Una version de El Yuma en español! 

The address of each blog is almost identical with being the URL of this original English version, while is the address of the new Spanish version.  That's simply "elyuma" with "es" (for español) tagged to the end of it.

I have also made it quite easy for readers to jump back and forth between the English version and the Spanish one by adding these nifty flags to the top of the right-hand bar. 

Just click on them here below or over to the top right to see the blog in the two languages.


Of course, I do not have the time or resources to translate all of my previous posts, but (with a little help from my friends) I have begun making my most popular, important, and original past posts available in Spanish. I will also try to make most new posts available in Spanish. (Anyone out there wanting to perform some good ole trabajo voluntario is, of course, welcome to help out.)

Apart from the parallel site in Spanish, I have also added a search feature to the blog, a monthly pageviews count and graphic, an e-mail subscription service, and a window showing my latest tweets (I'm nearing 100).  All of these new items are located just below the flag on the top right-hand bar of both versions of the blog.

Finally, as part of my on-going effort to get more acquainted with the burgeoning Cuban blogosphere, I have greatly expanded my blogroll.

I now have a list of 162 Cuba-related blogs, broken up into various categories.

First are my "Lucky 13" (I couldn't settle on just 10!), which are the blogs I consult most regularly.

Then, I provide a list of 42 blogs about Cuba available in English.

Next, I highlight a diversity of 39 blogs all of which are written "Desde Cuba."

This is followed by 22 blogs about Cuba written "Desde Afuera" and another 23 "blocks" by Cuban writers, artists, and musicians located all around the world.

Finally, there are 12 news-related blogs, some of which provide extensive lists of Cuban blogs; 9 vivid photo blogs; and the two most popular and polemical blogs of Cuban graphic satire: Guama and Varela.

I plan to keep developing the site and especially expanding and refining the blogroll so please give me a shout out if you do not see your own or your favorite blog(s) on my list. 

All this is rounded out by my blog archive, a listing of my 10 most popular posts, my profile, and a list of my followers. 

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