Friday, June 3, 2011

The man who awakens us and won't allow us to return to sleep in peace

Yoani Sanchez on Leonardo Padura's latest novel: "El hombre que amaba los perros."

"This novel is shocking for its sincerity, for the corrosive acid that it pours over the evasive utopia that they have tried to impose on us...
"Of all the books published on this island, I dare say that none has been as devastating for the pillars of the system as this one...
"There are books –I'm warning you– that open our eyes so much that we will not be able to return to sleep in peace once again."

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  1. I bought it myself and the author dedicate it to me. Is amazing to see the mistakes that were made in the former URSS, i reminds us what NO to do here in Cuba. Besides our own real troubles, Cuba never was as mistaken as the soviets, the proof is that we are still here.
    The book was presented to the members of the UNEAC (Association of artists and writers of Cuba) and I were to see the comments of Leonardo Padura, it seemed to me a very honest person.
    This book, like 1984 and Animal Farm, doesn´t prove me that the Socialism in not pratical, only tells me how mistaken were the ones that tried to make it yet. I hope the future makes justice to the Socialism, he deserves it.
    Greetings from Matanzas, Cuba.