Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bloggers Cuba: Back in Business?

Today while surfing around the net, I came across the following undated announcement at

When I have tried to access that URL over the past year I always found it in maintenance mode.  But now it seems that they're almost ready to go live once again.

Could it be that the folks who originally organized it almost three years ago, will soon have a collective on-line precense once again? When I met with a group of young people from the original group in Havana in April they told me as much.  If it is true, welcome back!

Here I will do a quick translation of the above announcement:

Bloggers Cuba
Bloggers on Their Own Account

We are almost back
After a period of cyber-introspection, Bloggers Cuba is on the verge of coming out once again into the virtual universe. Soon we will finish with the last remaining details... and you will be able to read us like before. Aren't you nostalgic for those good, and occasionally stormy, times?

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Everything is moving along as we planned, but we can't yet announce a specific date.

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