Monday, January 10, 2011

El Yuma ya regreso

Faithful readers of El Yuma will have realized that I took the month of December off from the blog what with final papers, exams, and holiday travels to New Orleans, Louisiana, Mobile, Alabama, and Miami, Florida.

I'm now back in the driver's seat and catching up on all things Cuban.

My trip down to The Big Easy reminded me once again of the many wonderful connections that exist between the history, culture, and rhythms of that fair city and those of Cuba.

Apart from the work of CUBA-NOLA guru Ned Sublette, I don't think I've ever seen anything quite as astounding as the following musical comparison between Cuba and New Orleans by Jazz icon Wynton Marsalis:

If you like this, there's a BUNCH more video and interview from 60 minutes here and here.

(H/T to the good people at Cuba Central and Penultimos Dias for giving me a heads-up on the CBS 60 Minutes segment on Marsalis' trip to Cuba.)

PS: Though I think it might have closed yesterday, for a "colorful" night at the theater that will take you to the New Orleans of the turn of the 18th century (1700-1800) just as the city becomes part of the USA (for better or worse), I recommend A Free Man of Color at the Lincoln Center's Beaumont Theater staring the talented actor Jeffrey Wright.

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