Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Feeding Frenzy: Los Aldeanos y Silvito "El Libre" arrive in Miami

Cuban underground hip-hop artists "Los Aldeanos" and Silvito "El Libre" (son of Silvio Rodriguez) arrive in Miami for a joint performance later this week.

Penultimos Dias has a link to an article on the musicians at Miami New Times, Cafe Fuerte has put up a long, detailed TV interview here, and there's a cringe-worthy video from Telemundo below after the break.

Watch the video for yourself (it's under 5 minutes long), but I find the media "feeding frenzy" in the airport upon the arrival of these valiant artists to be a bit sad and embarassing. The Telemundo reporters try again and again to provoke them into saying something "political" but they keep their composure and talk only of peace and unity among Cubans.

They even ask Silvito how he feels about being the son of Silvio Sr. and he replies simply, "proud." How many of us are both proud to be our parents children while disagreeing with them over politics and generational committments?

If you want political or provocative listen to their music and watch their videos here, here, here, and here.

My favorite part of the Telemundo clip is when Bian Rodríguez of "Los Aldeanos" reminds the "periodistas buscaplaitos" (troublemaking reporters) that...

"Nosotros, lo que decimos,
Lo decimos en el país donde vivimos,
Porque es allí donde hay que decirlo."

"What we say,
We say in the country where we live,
Because it is there that it must be said."

'Nuf said?

Hell, it even has rhythim to it...

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