Monday, May 10, 2010

Una Isla Virtual

Thanx to Hernandez-Busto over at Penultimos Dias, I just discovered this fascinating video from the group of bloggers at Voces Cubanas. (Be patient - it takes a few minutes to boot up).

The 30 minute video highlights nine independent Cuban bloggers, each of whom narrates a bit of the story behind how and why they began blogging. Each blogger also gives their name, the name of thier blog, when the blog was launched and a bit of its subject matter, as well as their original profession or educational background.

Interestingly, nearly all of the bloggers now exercise a profession different from what they were educated to do. Moreover, they discuss how, over time, they have been transformed (by accident or design) from independent bloggers into cyber-activists.

The bloggers highlighted in the video are:

Dimas Castellanos: El Blog de Dimas (February, 2009).

Claudia Caudelo de Nevi: Octavo Cerco (October, 2008).

Ciro Diaz: El Auditorio Imbecil (April, 2009).

Lia Villares: Hechizamiento/Habanemia (April, 2008).

Ivan Garcia: Desde La Habana (January, 2009).

Miriam Celaya: Sin EVAsion (January, 2008).

Eugenio Leal: Veritas (February, 2009).

Reinaldo Escobar: Desde Aqui (December, 2007).

And Yoani Sanchez: Generacion Y (April, 2007).

Note: Voces Cubanas also hosts 21 other independent blogs - total of 30 in all. All or nearly all of these blogs are available in English tanslations thanx to the folks at Hemos Oido.

H/T Penultimos Dias.


  1. Thanks for sharing this video Ted. Great document!

  2. Hi, it's the first time i see this blog and I love the rules to comment :)
    Thanks for this video, I hadn't seen it, although I try to keep updated. of course, I know most of the bloggers (I am Cuban), I read them.

    For being a yuma, I think you have a very good vision of Cuba. I also love Havana (but well, of course, I was born there) and New Orleans. Haven't been to NY yet!

    Un saludo