Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Del ciber-espacio al espacio público? Cuban Civil Society and the Emergent Blogosphere

While I'd love to find the time (and develop the technical know-how) to add an audio voice-over to this Prezi presentation that I put together earlier this year, I thought I'd share it here on my blog in its current "beta" version.

Of course, if anyone out there knows how I can add audio to this, do share.

Though the presentation not up to date and does not include the many developments in the Cuban blogosphere during 2012 (Blogazoxcuba, Festival Clic, the closure of La Polemica Digital and censorship of La Joven Cuba, and the emergence of a vigorous SMS/Twittosphere - more on all that later), it does attempt to chronicle the richness and diversity of Cuban cyber-space, as some internauts have increasingly attempted to stake out a claim to public space as well.

I have written about most of the ideas in the presentation before here in English and here in Spanish.

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback...

Also, It might help if you put it on auto-play and view it in fullscreen mode. You can also use the cursor to drag the screen to see parts that are skipped over.

Note: After you hit "Start Prezi," you will likely have to be patient as all the images, embedded video clips, and other multi-media components load.  But then you can watch it, and even export, e-mail, and embed it as you like. If nothing appears below, click HERE to see the presentation at the Prezi site itself.


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  1. Excelente analisis y presentacion. Felicitaciones de un colega que sigue a la blogosfera de cerca :)