Thursday, June 21, 2012

Festival CLIC and Voces 15

Download PDF of VOCES 15 NOW!

Starting at 9:00 a.m. today, Thursday, June 21, and running for the next three days, there is a unique, independent "future of technology" event taking place in Havana called Festival CLIC.

Co-sponsored by Estado de SATS, Academia Blogger, and EBE (a Spanish blogging collective), the event is described in great detail (in English) here.  Yoani Sanchez also pushes back against Cuba Debate's lies and propaganda about the Festival.

(Interestingly, she's not alone in calling CubaDebate out on its Faux News.  Both Dmitri Prieto and Rogelio Diaz take on Cuba Debate for their unfounded attack against Havana Times in the same article they attack the Festival.)

In the afternoon of the opening day following a special panel on digital magazines and web portals in Cuba, Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo and his motley crew will present the 15th edition of the free-lance digital magazine VOCES.

OLPL's crew is even more motley than usual this time around given the fact that he recruited El Yuma to co-edit this particular edition with him (partly explaining my web silence over the past month)!  It is dedicated to new media and technologies looking to the role they will play in Cuba in the future.

It's also intended to go beyond the sometimes provincial, navel-gazing tendency of Cubans, and Cuba-watchers like myself, by addressing ICT issues mas allá de Cuba insular.  You'll decide if we succeeded...

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