Thursday, April 19, 2012

Backyard Boogie with Omni in NOLA tonight & an old interview newly translated

The Three Amigos at the Hi-Ho Lounge

As I mentioned in my previous post, Amaury Pacheco and Luis Eligio d'Omni of Omni-Zona Franca are currently in the Big Easy on the most recent leg of their Mákina Total City tour of the U.S.

You should check out their blog for updates on their tour dates in New Orleans but TONIGHT, Thursday, April 19, @ 7:30 p.m. they will give a unique performance @

The Backyard Boogie
215 South Clark Street, Mid-City 
New Orleans

This event is taking place in the backyard (literally) of the home of two of my best friends from Tulane who returned to live and work and start a family in the City that Care Forgot after Katrina.  They are Nikki Thanos and Leo Gorman and you can reach them at

Phone: 504-616-1888

Knowing Nikki & Leo, and Luis Eligio and Amaury, as I do - I can assure you that a good, mind-bending and soul-enriching time will be had by all.

Amaury and I, Funkin' It Up, with the Stooges Brass Band.

Finally, as readers of El Yuma might remember, a few weeks ago I put up a 19-minute video interview (with English subtitles) that Yoani Sanchez did late last year with three members of Omni in Havana.  I also provided a link to the text of an extended Spanish-language interview she did with them back in 2007.
Now that first interview is available in English as:

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