Thursday, March 15, 2012

Introducing David D'Omni of OMNI-ZonaFranca

In preparation for the arrival of OMNI-Zona Franca to New York next week, I have been perusing the seemingly endless selection of videos they have uploaded to YouTube. In fact, apart from their blog, they have not one but two different "channels" on YouTube here and here.

As a way to familiarize my readers with OMNI's unique, genre-busting, and amazingly creative, honest, and challenging work, I'm starting with David d'Omni, who strikes me as the most "revolutionary" of these three "new men" - and that's saying a lot if you've seen any of them in action.

I keep trying to think of analogies, like "a white Cuban hip hop version of Bob Marley," but such comparisons really only insult the unique spirit and originality of both artists.

But one thing to keep in mind as you check these guys out is the following question:

What would it look like to be a truly rebellious, independent, critical-minded artist in a supposedly revolutionary society?

As words fail to capture what I mean - I suggest that you watch these four short videos and see for yourself.

1. "Evolucion" by David D'Omni.

Here are the opening lyrics so you can sing along:

Amen, Amen; Abre, Abre;
Amen, Amen; Aché pa' los nuestros. 2X

[Amen, Amen; Open, Open;
Amen, Amen; Soul force for our people.] 2X

Abre los portales, Que corran los tiempos.
No somos inmortales, Tus hijos crecieron.

[Open the portals, Time is running out.
We are not immortal, Your children have grown.]

Este es su momento, Ya les toca a ellos.
Lo que traen es bello, No lo teman a lo nuevo.

[This is their moment, Now is their time.
What they bring is beautiful, Don't fear what is new.]

Vengo fresco, Soy de esta generación.
No somos malos, na! Venimos a buscar lo nuestro.

[I come fresh, This is my generation.
We are not bad, no! We come in search of what is ours.]

No llores papá, No te vamos a quitar na!
Es un ciclo natural, Eso sucede en todos los tiempos.

[Don't cry father, We're not going to take anything from you!
It's a natural cycle, This happens in every generation.]

Amen, Amen; Abre, Abre;
Amen, Amen; Aché pa' los nuestros.

[Amen, Amen, Open, Open; 
Amen, Amen; Soul force for our people...]

2. "Terapia y Oracion" by David D'Omni.

3. "Free Hop Musik" by David D'Omni.

4. "Creo en Ti" by David D'Omni.

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