Thursday, September 22, 2011

Look who's on the radio? Video/Audio of today's Q&A between my students and four Cuban bloggers

Above is the 61-minute video of today's live Q&A between my students and a number of Cuba's leading bloggers.  You can read a summary (in Spanish) and also view and download the audio/video file of the entire live interview at the Martinoticias website.

As a guide, below I sketch out a rough timeline of the event:

2:50 - Introduction of Baruch students

4:10 - Introductory remarks of Miriam Celaya

5:25 - Introductory remarks of Yoani Sanchez

9:25 - Introductory remarks of Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

11:33 - Comments from Professor Ted Henken

13:40 - First student question: Mike Prada to Yoani Sanchez

16:55 - Introductory remarks of Dagoberto Valdes

20:30 - Second Student question: Darin Cardenas to Yoani Sanchez

23:55 - Remarks of Antonio Jose Ponte

26:15 - Remarks of Ernesto Morales ("El pequeno hermano")

29:27 - Third student question: Zhanna Kozlovski to Miriam Celaya

34:15 - Discussion about Twitter and Facebook with Juan Juan Almeida

37:33 - Discussion of Twitter by Yoani Sanchez

38:55 - Discussion of self-censorship by Carlos Ojeda and Lisandra Diaz

40:20 - Antonio Jose Ponte

43:45 - Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

46:05 - Fourth student question: Erik Grimsland to Miriam Celaya

56:00 - Fifth student question: Wazima Suhail to Yoani Sanchez

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