Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In Cuba with "No Reservations"

Anthony Bourdain on taking 'No Reservations' to Cuba 

Q: You spend time with people who know the history, culture and quirks of the place. The most efficient way for most travelers to get the same behind-the-scenes look is to go on expensive guided tours. Is this a waste of money in your mind? Is there a better way to do it?

A: "We do a lot of research before we go and we're looking for local bloggers, people who live there and have a particular interest in what I'm interested in, which is looking at the world through a food-centric view. Also, we're looking for someone with a sense of humor. Reaching out to local bloggers is always a good thing. There's somebody, chances are, who has incredible and hyper-nerdly expertise in your area of interest. If you're talking about a tour of Renaissance art in Florence, it would probably be a good idea."


"Whatever your politics, however you feel about Cuba–look at tonight's show and admit, at least, that Havana is beautiful. It is the most beautiful city of Latin America or the Caribbean. Look at the Cuban people and admit that they are proud and big hearted and funny and kind–and strong as hell, having put up with every variety of bullshit over the years. On these things, I hope we can agree."

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