Monday, November 8, 2010

Pardoned, Not Paroled (Part III)

From a communique posted at #OZT - I Accuse the Cuban Government (H/T Penultimos Dias):

“We have arrived at the end of the time frame and the only clear conclusion is the following: there have been massive deportations of dissidents and their families overseas, but there have been no effective liberations in Cuba. The Black Spring political prisoners remain in jail, even though thier names were on the initial lists.
Paradoxically, the political prisoners who remain in jail are the very ones who have refused to leave the country. We say, ‘paradoxically,’ because it is just these releases that should be the easiest to carry out given that granting their freedom requires no cumbersome bureaucratic wrangling so that they can reside abroad. The message is clear: there is space neither for the opposition nor for freedom in Cuba.”

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