Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Economix 101

Arch Ritter has a few new and quite fascinating posts up at his blog, The Cuban Economy.

Most recent is this post that chronicles the first ever joint University of Havana-Carleton University Master's Program in Economics (yes, Western Economics) started back in 1993-1994. Five full cohorts of students passed through the program before it was discontinued in 1999. Ritter describes the program briefly and provides a where-are-they-now update on the program's students.  Hint, most of them do not live in Cuba anymore - but perhaps Raul can recruit them to come back and help him push through this new round of economic reforms.

Ritter also recently posted the follow up to his post from September 17, "Fidel’s Phenomenal Economic Fiascoes: the Top Ten." As promised, he now dedicates some ink to "Cuba’s Achievements under the Presidency of Fidel Castro: The Top Ten." 

Desastres o logros?  Ud. decide!

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