Friday, May 14, 2010

Una nueva bomba de La Flaca

A few weeks ago I noted the stepped up defamations and detentions of some Cuban bloggers, Ladies in White, and dissidents.  I also told readers of El Yuma to prepare themselves for these attacks to intensify after May 10. 

Well, I hope you are ready.

Yoani Sanchez has just released a two-part, 17-minute recording of a violent, illegal detention she and her sister suffered in early March when they attempted to attend the funeral of Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

Sanchez filed a legal complaint at that time with the proper Cuban authorities and has waited patiently for them to respond within the 60 days they have by law to answer any such complaint.  However, after waiting for the slow wheels of justice and bureaucracy to respond - nothing...

So she has described the events in her most recent blog post (here in Spanish and here in English) and provided a transcript of the recording she made during the detentions.

And here's the kicker: The cell phone she used to record the detention continued recording the conversations of the Ministry of the Interior agents even after they had confiscated it.

Here's a taste of the recording (an English translation of the transcript should soon be available at the GY English site):

Tu pa aca chica, tu pa aca! 
A ver, una mujer es lo que te hace falta a ti,
una mujer, una mujer!
Sientate aqui, que tu aqui no mandas.  Aqui no mandas tu!
Que te pasa vieja?  Ta bueno ya.  Callate la boca!

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