Sunday, April 18, 2010

Heads Up: GPW on Juventud Rebelde, "Viva La Evolucion" @ The Economist, Debate about Cuba's Telecentros @ Mediashift, Black Salsa @ EthnoCuba, QEPD Carlos Franqui, and the Cuban economy @ The Havana Note

With so much happening in Cuba recently, I figured I would take a hint from Phil Peters' blog The Cuban Triangle, which features a recurring "Odds and Ends" section and inaugurate one of my own, entitled:

"Heads Up"

While I can't possibly comment on everything going on with and in Cuba, I can at least direct readers of El Yuma to some of the more noteworthy and newsworthy stories and articles that I come across.

(Note: Some of these stories I learned about from other blogs on my blogroll - esp. Penultimos Dias - which is especially good at "filtering" the web and finding many of the best Cuba-related content out there).
Cuban Economists Omar Everleny Pérez Villanueva and Armando Nova
with Katrin Hansing at the Bildner Center on Friday, April 16. 
  • Columbia Journalism Grad Student Alice Speri (That's pronounced "Ali-che," not Alice as she's Italian) just published this lengthy story on the Cuban press (esp. Juventud Rebelde) and the Internet/Blogger revolution at the Global Press Watch blog.
  • Here's a story from The Economist on recent protests and counter protests in Havana.
  • MediaShift has an interesting story on Cuba's Telecentros and their potential impact on Internet access on the island.  (Note: The story is followed by an especially rich comments section).
  • EthnoCuba highlights a new documentary entitled The Black Roots of Salsa that emphasizes the connection between Cuba's traditional neighborhood/solar Rumba and the birth of Salsa.  The post features a powerful trailer from the film and an interview with its director Christian Liebich.
  • The New York Times has a brief obituary for Carlos Franqui here.
  • Finally, I'll have a new post, "The Cuban Economy, Corruption, and Kiddnapped Information (again)," up at The Havana Note on Tuesday morning. 
(Note: go here for the full text in Spanish of "Corrupcion - La Verdadera Contrarrevolucion?" - the editorial critical of high level corruption originally posted at the UNEAC site by Cuban intellectual and party member Esteban Morales.  The op-ed quickly disappeared from that official site - see the screenshot below - but thanx to our blogger friends, it is now available in its entirety again at Desde La Habana). 

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  1. An English translation of the Morales article will appear Thursday, April 22, in the e-zine Progreso Weekly