Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tell me what you "KNOL"

Gabriel del Pino (or is it Delpino?), a reader of El Yuma, recently wrote alerting me to the existence of the new Google application "Knol."  The motto of the site gets right to the point:

Share what you know and write a knol.

A "knol" is defined on the site as "a unit of knowledge," and from what I can gather after browsing some of the many available knols on the site (there's one on Amsterdam, another on the Roman Army, and even one that shares the low down on the universal, all-important riddle: How to Ask for a Girl's Phone Number), they seem like a cross between personal wikis and a meet-up group for people with very specialized intellectual pursuits or who share similar incurable obsessions! 

In short, a perfect place for nerds like me and Del Pino to share our interest and swap info on the Cuban blogosphere.

Del Pino has set up a knol about Yoani Sánchez and you should really check it out.  Paraphrasing her own words, the knol describes Sánchez as "Una bloguera cubana contra la utopía impuesta" (a Cuban blogger against the imposed utopia).  I have  found it to be a great resource on all things relating to La Flaca

It includes a biographical section, FAQs, details about Generación Y, a chronology on Sanchez's run-ins with the Cuban government, info on her promotion of the Cuban blogosphere, an inventory of press coverage of her, and a selection of her best posts, among other things.

You know what they say...

Knol-edge is power

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