Friday, February 12, 2010

Cuba Central News Blast!

If you like to keep up on the evolving developments in U.S.-Cuban relations and especially in U.S. policy toward Cuba, I recommend that you sign up for the weekly news blast from Cuba Central.

Every Friday afternoon like clockwork, the left-leaning (but wide-eyed) Center for Democracy in the Americas sends out a comprehensive round-up of the week's Cuba-related news from its Cuba Central project.  More than anything else, Cuba Central is aimed at removing the travel ban on Americans going to Cuba and eventually ditching the entire anachronistic embargo.

While I agree with their politics (most of the time), I recommend the news blast more for its sharp analysis, digestable size, clock-like effeciency, and plethora of links to important Cuba-related news stories from the previous week that I might have otherwise missed.

To subscribe, click here and type your e-mail in the sign up space at the bottom leftside of the page.

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