Friday, November 11, 2016

The Profit in Cuba: Marcus Lemonis hits Havana to profile #Cuba's new breed of entrepreneurs - Tues., Nov. 15th at 10 p.m.

CNBC is airing a documentary called “The Profit in Cuba” on Tuesday November 15th at 10pm ET/PT.

At a time of historic change on the island, CNBC follows The Profit’s Marcus Lemonis as he travels to the island and profiles a new breed of business owners determined to succeed under one of the most oppressive regimes in the world.

I was honored to work as an unpaid consultant on the show and appear in it as I give Marcus the blow-by-blow of the slings, arrows, and new opportunities of opening and running a private business in today's Cuba as we stroll down Obispo Street in Old Havana.

After years of Communist rule and the opening of relations with the U.S., Cuba is taking historic steps to revive its troubled economy. For the first time in decades, Cuban citizens can strike out on their own, open a small business, and begin to shape their future. In shops, factories, farms, and homes, Marcus meets them to learn about their opportunities and challenges firsthand – to see what’s working, and help fix what isn’t.

The tenacity of these small business owners is impressive – but obstacles they face, including a longstanding U.S. trade embargo and what Cuban's bitterly refer to as the "auto-bloqueo" or internal embargo, are staggering. 

Despite these problems, some half a million Cuban citizens are benefitting from the new laws, and in a nation where the average income is less than $30 a month, many have already improved their way of life.

In this fascinating one-hour documentary, Marcus Lemonis profiles these strivers and takes viewers along to see the groundbreaking changes taking place inside Cuba.

Below are a few clips from the documentary:
·         The Profit in Cuba: First Look
·         A Startup on Wheels
·         Endless Obstacles in Cuba

Tune-in Details: “The Profit in Cuba” premieres Tuesday, November 15th at 10pm ET/PT on CNBC. You can also join the conversation on Twitter with #TheProfitCuba, and@TheProfitCNBC or on Facebook at Log onto for more details.

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