Thursday, July 25, 2013

Carmelo & I travel to China (via radio)

An in-studio photo (from left to right):
Zhao Yang (co-host), Jiang Shixue (guest), and Ben Leung (co-host)

Last night I had the honor of accompanying distinguished professors Carmelo Mesa-Lago (who needs no introduction) and Jiang Shixue, Vice President of the Chinese Association of Latin American Studies, on the China Radio International English Service show "Today," with co-hosts Zhao Yang and Ben Leung (I love it when someone from China sounds like they are from Britain).  

Above is a photo from the Beijing studios, while Carmelo participated via telephone from Pittsburgh and I from NYC.

With all the hullabaloo about this new-fangled "Inter-Web," we sometimes forget the power of the good ole radio. 

(On second thought, I guess you're going to listen to this radio show on the Internet, so I stand corrected!)  

Cuba & Raúl's Reforms 
    2013-07-25 14:24:47       Web Editor: Wuyou
Panel discussion:When asked about Cuba- what springs to mind? Cuban cigars? Rum? Fidel Castro? Maybe Communism? Well, cigars and rum are very much here to stay whatever the weather; Castro is getting on but is still there.
Communism, on the other hand, the raison d'etre of the state of Cuba as we know it, well, that's looking a bit more tenuous now than say, 10 years ago.

-Jiang Shixue, Vice President of the Chinese Association of Latin American Studies
-Ted Henken, President, Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy
-Carmelo Mesa-Lago, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Economics and Latin American Studies, University of Pittsburg


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